Hues of Nature 1

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Hues of Nature 1

Good day to all! This addition to Earthwise and the Alabaster Horse is the first part of what will become an ongoing series that will appear from time to time showcasing the colors of nature. As far as I am concerned, these are the most beautiful colors. Colors found in nature run the gamut from quiet shades of brown to riotous reds of flaming paintbrush flowers. Nature’s colors cover the whole color spectrum. Pretty amazing. Sometimes you have to peer close to examine the colors, and at other times you are overwhelmed by the brilliant, startling blue of the sky arcing overhead on a bright spring day. Enjoy!

Cushion Phlox
Tiny purple cushion phlox grow close to the ground and create bursts of color across dry, rocky slopes.

I love how the bright red currants shine forth from their green leaves and the forest background.

Two of the best colors in nature.
Found on a recent walk. A bluebird feather resting on a lichen. A treasure of color.

Desert hues.
The San Rafael Swell in Utah. I can quite possible drown in the colors of the desert.

Bill adores hikes.
Here is Wild Bill, Clay’s Newfoundland. Bill is dark grey, and his silver ears are a counterpoint to the rest of his dark fur.

A whole landscape of lichens.
Who would have thought lichens are so captivating?

That sky
One of my favorite buttes nearby. I hike it often. Brilliant blue, tawny late season grasses and dusky green of the juniper trees are the primary colors of this land. I could swirl a cloak of the three of them around myself and rest content within its folds.

Frozen tear
Oh that shade of green! Mosses and a drop of water imprisoned by winter.

Lizard toes are grippy!
A western fence lizard tries out its cryptic coloring on the shades of pink in this rock.

May the colors here today inspire you to look closer and spend moments out on the land seeing. Nature loves to be appreciated.

  1. Stunning, Jenny, thank you. I am particularly fascinated by lichens and mosses, their vibrance of hue and richness of texture.

    1. Sara, I also find mosses and lichens intriguing! When one gets down at their level and looks closely, there is so much to see. And, yes, the colors and textures are a wonder. Thank you for your lovely words:)

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