Sagebrush: A 100 Word Story

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Sagebrush: A 100 Word Story

Most of us have heard the phrase that “a picture tells a 1000 words.” Here is a picture that tells a story in 100 words. 100 words exactly, counting the title. I appreciate hearing your thoughts.


I might have been born under a sagebrush. New eyes open to an overhead sapphire haze. Closer, furry elongated gilt grey-green leaves on shrubby, woody stems form a mosaic of vision. My tiny hand brushes the gently rounded tri-tipped leaves. Sharp scent rains down. Piquant. Pristine. Sage-y. Of the vast, moody lands in the American West I adore. I roll side to side under the bush. Old, grey-white dried leaves on the the ground crinkle and cleave to my plump little body. The lower, dead twigs of the plant tickle my skin. My blood flows downy and silver green.  

I could not resist adding one more photo. We can call it the accessory photo of the main 100-word photo above.

Mood Lands
Moody Lands

Both photos © Jenny Wright. Illustration included with the title, otherwise known as the featured image is from Adobe Stock.

  1. It’s great to hear from you Jenny!
    Your photo(s) and words are a poem to my eyes and ears…thank you.
    Isabelle x

    1. It is wonderful to hear your voice, too, Isabelle! I apologize for the extremely late reply. WordPress neglected to notify me of your comment, and I did not see it until I was looking around on the administrative page of the blog just now. Thank you for your kind words, and I hope you are doing well❤️

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