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BlogKeeping II...

Here is a quick notice regarding my last post, which did not disperse to my readers as it was supposed to. I think I’ve got it working again! You can read it here. As a not so subtle hint, this post is the beginning of the presence of horses on EarthWise and the Alabaster Horse. I am looking forward to their being here, as I’ve all kinds of ideas and words I want to include about them.

The photo of the flowers (which I believe are a type of amaryllis) is from a visit to Manito Park public gardens in Spokane, WA. My friend, Carol, and I spent several delightful hours there one warm, sunny afternoon in June. It is beautiful and worth visiting if you like beautiful gardens.

A thought for your day:

Let me ask you this.

Do you also think that beauty exists for some

fabulous reason?

And, if you have not been enchanted by this adventure-

your life-

what would you do?

excerpt from the poem “To Begin With, The Sweet Grass” by Mary Oliver

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