Never Forget

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Never Forget

a meditation

When we are small [children] and close to the earth, there is more landscape than time. It’s only later that we forget. Only later that we begin to play pretend.

Joe Wilkins

We are part of a mystery, a splendid mystery within which we must attempt to orient ourselves if we are to have a sense of our own nature.

Marilynne Robinson

I am back. With resolve, after unexpected life happenings this spring and summer that carried forward to this moment. This most recent hiatus in EarthWise and the Alabaster Horse is ended with a scene offered as a meditation. I recorded “Grass, Wind, Light” just a couple of weeks ago, and I extend it to you as a pause, to reflect and remember who you once were. When we were children and the whole world was a wonder. When the wind and light reflected from the grasses swept through us and we were ever so aware of its magic. This scene is of the land that grew me. It is of an area of green, nestled in a bowl surrounded by buttes and partially ringed by willows, where several springs of water seep from the earth. It is a place of emergence, and as I stood there, I recalled my own time of emergence and the wonder I reconnect with.

Why should things be easy to understand?

Thomas Pynchon

Lately, I’ve been contemplating what to write for this post, after my time away. I wanted something short and intense. Something that stops one mid breath and brings this question: “What has happened to me?” In my exhaustive file of photos and videos, I watched and rewatched “Grass, Wind, Light.” Then, I opened my Autumn 2021 edition of Orion magazine. The three quotes you read here leaped off the pages. Together, with the video, they make my gift to you today.

never forget who you were and who you can be again

  1. Thanks for this, Jenny. A moment or two on the ranch; just what I needed to gather myself. Especially today (9/11) perhaps.

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